First Time Up North

It was a Thursday afternoon and everything was planned to go up north to visit UC Davis with my boyfriend and our friend, whom would be attending for the fall of 2015. We meant to leave after I got off work, but turns out that my car broke down and instead we decided we would have to drop it off at my house and we would go in my bf’s car. After hours of trying to get my car to work, my car was fixed, we dropped it off, and our road trip began. Driving up to Davis overnight we had to stop to grab a bite; luckily we found an In N Out and we stopped to eat.


After eating we got back on the road to arrive around 4 in the morning at the University. Our friend was able to sleep in the dorms, but my bf and I had to find a place to visit or stay while he had a tour of the school. We found a hotel to stay at that Friday, slept in, and once our friend was done we went to take a tour around the schools neighborhood, which was nice and peaceful (really good ice cream too!). After a long trip and long day we all went to sleep in our queen bed that fit the three of us! Next morning we got up and went to grab some delicious breakfast next door to our hotel. We got back on the road after a few hours, finding where to go as we drove. We ended up deciding on Lake Tahoe. None of us had ever gone so our next adventure began soon after the decision was made!


Arriving at Lake Tahoe on Saturday was like being in a dream where everything was gorgeous!! The trees, the houses, and the people had a different feel, a feeling of knowing that you were no longer in the city. We went straight to the Lake that day, along the way we encountered a group of people and one of them was carrying a small snake. Of course, I didn’t touch the snake because of my fear but my bf and our friend were enjoying the slithering creature.


Finally, we reached our destination around noon and began to enjoy nature at its fullest. It was straight to the lake for us! It was like being in a paradise, swimming in the purest most gorgeous lake ever. Eventually my bf decided to roam around and check out the premises while our friend and I kept swimming. At one second we thought we would drown but we were swimming on top of a rock the entire time!! While we were experiencing this, my bf was having his own solo experience where he thought he had lost us because he had gone so deep into the wilderness that he spooked himself thinking he had no way in finding us.

Back in our swimming adventure we realized one of the musketeers was missing and had to find him, but we first had to make decisions of who would carry what and if we should even carry something. After just leaving all our things behind because no decision was made after all we set out to look and found our third trooper roaming around, glad he’d found and us that we had found him. After our reunion we set out for a hike coming into contact with the friendliest ducks ever for whom we decided to spend some time with. Continuing our hike we realized that it would be impossible to reach the top of this cliff we were interested on, and we also realized how late it was! Getting back to the car would not be as easy as getting to the lake since the sun had set and it was night time.

We started heading back down the mountain. Going down the mountain we saw a light and realized that there was people on the other side swimming in the darkness, then again they were probably camping and decided to take a dip before going back to their tent. We decided to go back to the rock where we were swimming earlier and just hung around until it got darker. Unlike the rest of the people we did not have a tent and we were nowhere near prepared to spend the night out there, so we decided to go back to the car to sleep there.

It sounded really nice to get back in the car but to our realization the moon was our only light to get back, and as you might be able to tell, we are easily distracted by anything (literally), I say this because we stopped to try out this rock that took the shape of a chair and was the most comfortable ever!!! Now, trying to make it back before the moon went down was not easy because the darkness kept creeping up and creeping up until it reached the entire lake. Now the only light we had was a cell phone which we would use to see what was ahead of us and to see if we were going on the right path back. The scariest part was turning back since it was pitch black and we had no way of knowing what was behind us.


Eventually we found our way back to the car safe and sound, but when we took a look at the road while we were putting everything away in the trunk, we saw a big trailer coming down really fast! We heard the driver blow his horn a couple times and like that he was gone from sight. We were startled at how fast he was going, especially because he went down a street that lead to a small town and come to think of it there was a big turn he could not have done at such speeds. We were exhausted, hungry, and maybe hallucinating, plus it was 3 am. That could have been a ghost, a figment of our imagination, or there was a really fast truck driver going down such curve. After that questionable image we decided to drive to get something to eat.

Starving, we found a Denny’s after seeing a lot of drunk people by Reno’s casino. It was pretty busy and we had no energy to socialize with anyone at the moment; we cared only about two important factors: 1. Eat and 2. Sleep (pretty vital things). We finally ate, drove to some parking lot and slept.

By 6 am, I woke up feeling every scratch and bruise I got the day before so I was tossing and turning. It was 7 or 8 am when we woke up, drove away, went to grab some breakfast, and since it was our last day for our trip we decided to go to one of Lake Tahoe’s beaches. But of course, so prepared was I that I needed to go buy a swimsuit (luckily we needed towels as well so I wouldn’t make them go shop just for my swimming gear). When we got the beach, it was the clearest, gold filled (there was really small gold rocks), and most peaceful beach ever.


We relaxed for a while and decided to finally get on the road back to LA. Driving back we passed through a lot of gorgeous places where we saw horses, cows, great little towns, and the most gorgeous sunset ever. It was a nice way to say goodbye to our trip and to the wonders of Lake Tahoe.



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