First Time Up North

It was a Thursday afternoon and everything was planned to go up north to visit UC Davis with my boyfriend and our friend, whom would be attending for the fall of 2015. We meant to leave after I got off work, but turns out that my car broke down and instead we decided we would have to drop it off at my house and we would go in my bf’s car. After hours of trying to get my car to work, my car was fixed, we dropped it off, and our road trip began. Driving up to Davis overnight we had to stop to grab a bite; luckily we found an In N Out and we stopped to eat.


After eating we got back on the road to arrive around 4 in the morning at the University. Our friend was able to sleep in the dorms, but my bf and I had to find a place to visit or stay while he had a tour of the school. We found a hotel to stay at that Friday, slept in, and once our friend was done we went to take a tour around the schools neighborhood, which was nice and peaceful (really good ice cream too!). After a long trip and long day we all went to sleep in our queen bed that fit the three of us! Next morning we got up and went to grab some delicious breakfast next door to our hotel. We got back on the road after a few hours, finding where to go as we drove. We ended up deciding on Lake Tahoe. None of us had ever gone so our next adventure began soon after the decision was made!

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The Other Night


We cross through the tunnel at 12:01. My dog and I enjoying the greatness of the night; him with his head out the window, me with my mind. The cool breeze coming in, smelling of beautiful mist and reinforcing why it is that I love to drive. I’m in the zone, feeling the vibrations of the wheels rolling on the pavement, the soft whirring of the engine as we cruise down the street. Almost home. We come to a stop at the corner; the traffic light paints the street red, and just like the children’s game, nothing moves. The constant tick-tick-tick-tick of the blinker as I look both ways before making a right is the only sound around. I proceed to make the turn and now the sweet sound of the steering wheel gliding through my hands fills me with calmness. I don’t know what it is but that sound has always soothed me; leather on skin, oh what a great combination.

Instantly that feeling is gone, but the stillness that blankets the neighborhood remains. Standing in front of me, waiting just down the road, is the angel of death. Dark and cloaked the way it’s always described, but much greater, much larger, making it’s presence unavoidable. I look to the passenger seat and see Timmy staring forward with intent, focused on what lies ahead.

“Well, let’s see what it wants”

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