Journey to the Land of Giants

Entering a Giant

On a trip up to northern California we decided to take some random stops, and they were well worth it.

Close by to Sequoia National Park, you can find the “mouth” of various rivers.  I can’t remember it’s name, but there is a gorgeous little place to stop for quaint boat ride.
The End of a River


From there, we decided that we might as well stop by Sequoia National Park.  We drove up to a particular camping site, and set out on an adventure.  When we got there, I just couldn’t take my eyes of the beautiful sky.




And once I unhitched my eyes from the sky, they nestled onto the incredible scenery before me.



As you walk along the trail you can see beautiful rivers, creeks, ponds; well everything there was just wonderful.



Bridges have always left me with a sense of excitement, and I always marvel at their aesthetics.  After a bit of hiking you can find this bridge nestled in a place where it is unexpected.
Across the Land of Time


If you across the bridge and head to your left, you will end up by a trickling river.  Follow it up, you don’t need to go very far.  At first you’ll see one, then you’ll see three, then ten, and soon you’ll be surrounded by elegant purple butterflies.  Butterflies that seem to kiss you with their grace as they float on by.  In case you’re not sure where the butterflies are, we set up these rocks a sort of marker.


Shhh They're Meditating


There is something to be said for the beauty of nature, but words are mere descriptions of an experience that we get, and love, when we are amongst nature.



At this point the sun started it’s journey to brighten the day of our friends on other side of the world.  But the sun didn’t want to leave us, so the sun decided to stick around a little bit longer.



On the way back towards the bridge you can stop to admire this river .



To really see the giants, head up towards the General Grant Tree Trail.  At the beginning of the trail you’ll see this fallen Sequoia, go ahead go through it, it’s so cool.





Feel free to share your favorite place to hike, camp, or see in at the Sequoia National Park or along the way.


“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” – Aristotle


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