Under the Oak: Medical Hypothermia, and Enlightenment


I recently saw an article online that was discussing how doctors are looking at the medical benefits of hypothermia.  They believe that maybe we could save more lives by reducing people’s body temperatures in a controlled way. We also started talking about the many worlds interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, and what is Enlightenment.

I sent this link over to Ivan and this what we talked about. Enjoy:

Larry: http://www.geeky-gadgets.com/human-suspended-animation-trials-staring-this-month-video-26-05-2014/
Ivan: Ooo whatt. That’s pretty cool. We were talking about this kind of concept in my anatomy class too

Larry: It’s one of our concepts “you’re not dead until our warm and dead”

Ivan:  Hahah stay cold and you’ll never die. Check this out:

imagejpeg_0 (1)

Larry: That might be another thing that helped David Blaine. Ask your professor- How does hypothermia kill people?… I’m a little lost what is that paragraph trying to say?

Ivan: Yeaa, she said it lowers your metabolic rate to a level where it cannot produce ATP anymore, and so we cannot contract muscles anymore, including the heart so then we die. I asked if this could be used intentionally, and she said yea.  But it’s very dangerous, because if you cross the line you die. She told me to watch The Abyss because they have a scene which uses this kind of idea.

Well what stuck out to me was the last sentence where she (the author of the above passage) compares it to the many worlds interpretation, and got me thinking about how we can experience the many worlds rather than just studying it.

Larry: Hmm but could it be so cold that the need for perfusion enters a stasis? We learned in class about a doctor that was on field for football games, immediately put a guy on on ice after being paralyzed, rushed the player to the hospital, and was able to restore full function.

Movie night! What do mean experiencing the many worlds instead of studying it; do you mean like playing bio shock infinite?

Ivan: Maybe in a controlled manner it could work, but hypothermia seems to be too slow of a process as a whole to conserve the body at the cold temperatures. Maybe immediate hypothermia could do the trick.

Haha yeaa by James Cameron too =O.

Haha kind of, but in real life. See, I like science because it helps us find all this new information, but what I really want is to be able to experience this information. So instead of learning equations that will help me  learn about other possible worlds, what if you could master your body, mind, and soul? To such a point where you could become one with something else?

Larry: Ooo hmm Immediate hypothermia – I’ve got the perfect thing for you: “The Anti-Microwave”!!

Side note: why don’t they have world fairs anymore?

James Cameron?!- He’s the greatest.

Well technically it depends on your philosophical beliefs about science. And Einstein’s own bias made him really dislike Quantum Mechanics. What I’m trying to get at is that the math can’t show you that there are Many Worlds (also science says you can never interact with other worlds), it’s a belief. And in this notion I ask you what do you think Enlightenment is/means? Can we experience something we do not even know is true? Are we not experiencing it right now?

Ivan: Oooh shit, the applications are already coming out for the Freezer.

That’s a big question I wonder about too, the world fairs seem to be the greatest thing to have attended. Add that to the list of things to do.

Haha James Cameron, the visionary storyteller!


The way I see it though, is that how do we know that’s the case, that the math tells us all these things? Because it fits into the mold that we have created in order to understand the world. But that’s not necessarily the truth. Like you said, it’s what’s efficient (and useful). Being the first true species to harness the mind at this capacity, how do we expect to know the limits to our power in the short amount of time that we’ve been around. I’d say enlightenment is truly becoming aware of your senses, even those we may not know about, and becoming one with your mind. Not thinking about things and planning them to know what to do, but rather being able to feel what we believe is true, in a more connected level to everything around us. Just because we dont know about it doesn’t mean it’s not true, and maybe our science approach is too limited to learn about it. We experience things to a certain degree, but definitely not to the max.



What do you think Enlightenment is/means?  Let us know what you think and how you feel.


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