The Voyage To Understanding Life And Why I Decided To Take It


There is one idea that has stuck with me since the day I learned about it: What we are is an incarnation of the fabric of life with the ability to consciously create, question, and control our reality.

Essentially, everything in the universe is connected, and all the parts are affected and influenced by one another. Our concept of having different realities, different life experiences, is caused by our ability to change our perception of the information around us. There are no limits to how far we can travel, to what we can create, and who we can become, for these are false boundaries created by the same mechanism which allows us to explore the deepest corners of the unknown.

This idea allowed me to come to terms with how immense everything is. Look at yourself and realize that you are part of a species, a band of individuals who share one common branch of the tree of life. Now take a second to understand that everything around you, the trees, air, sky, animals, and all else is part of the same tree.

Seeing it this way it may seem as if our species is lower and less powerful than we claim to be, but that’s not necessarily the case. Being just another part of the big picture is no less important than if the universe revolved around us, it’s just slightly different.

We are the first group that we know of who has achieved the capability to use our brains at this capacity, to use the gift of language to create a collection of ideas and expand on them. We have libraries full of ideas that those who came before us thought of and studied about. What we have to realize though, is that all this information is stripped of its power if we won’t allow it to change our perception of what surrounds us and create something from it; a more conscious species humble and aware enough to not disrespect and harm our cosmic relatives. All this knowledge is irrelevant if we don’t apply it to the universe, to our lives, and use it to progress.
This is where I begin to feel lost, confused as to which road to take in order to create a positive impact in this world. I enjoy thinking about all the possibilities of what life is about and what i want to and can become, but don’t know how to put it into action. My deepest desire is to change the world, to bring happiness and enlighten the inhabitants of this planet and help them realize what a beautiful tool our brain really is.

Violence and greed has poisoned our minds and locked us in an era of darkness, but it’s about time we begin to purify ourselves with the glorious light that awareness provides. We don’t need to agree with one another in order to be at peace, for disagreement is the basis of knowledge; never blindly accept anything, instead question what you are unsure about and find the answers to what no one else has.

That is what this is about; embarking on the journey to fulfill my goals and create the reality that I envision. I understand that in order to do so, I need to fully understand who and what I am. There is no real separation of intrinsic and extrinsic aspects of life, for our inner thoughts and the environment are part of the same, each affected by one another.

I have to fully embrace the fact that I am the universe, I am life, and I have no limits. This is the beginning of my journey to see how far into the abyss of knowledge I can reach, and how I can apply it to bring change.

I will be posting updates on what I learn with the hopes that others can use the information to expand their views of life. It may not all be strictly scientific, with some non-western techniques and beliefs included. so I don’t expect everyone to agree with all that I state. This will include some personal opinions, and I mean no offense to other viewpoints, so if you have a strong disagreement with anything I say, feel free to let me know why that is and I will be glad to look into your evidence.

Thank you and remember: you are the universe


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