Sometimes I Forget That I’m Alive

17099096b7e9b0b36a75a7b238aca66b_largeI get caught up thinking about other’s thoughts. It’s not about what others think about me, just what they’re thinking in general. Thinking amazes me. Every body is doing it, yet everyone does so differently. The problem is that it reaches a point of distraction. I get caught up thinking about the world that I lose my sense of placement. I forget that I am currently what exists. I am alive; a part of the present and everything in it, capable of interacting with any body and experiencing what is out there. The trees are amazing, the sun is incredible, and all that surrounds me is beautiful.

Listen to what is around and feel how it contributes to who you are. Marvel at the beauty that is the universe. Embrace all of your feelings, thoughts, and experiences and decide what you want to live through next. Do you want to make something true? A vision of yours come to fruition simply because you wanted to experience it. Anything you ever wanted is there for you to enjoy. All you need to do is create it. Take life to the next level and help every body be happy. We can thrive together, and reach heights higher than those we dream of.

Once all is said and done, love what you have created, because it is amazing. It is exactly what you have always wanted.


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