How Much Does Your Shirt Actually Cost?

Window Display of Black Friday Deals

 Liz Pape, Founder and CEO of Nashville-based clothing label Elizabeth Suzann, opens up about pricing, consumption, and the true cost of an industry that has become fascinated with price tags.


Moon Parka: Powered by Proteins

Spider silk, the toughest material on earth, only scratches the surface of the potential offered by proteins. Skillful combination of the 20 types of amino acids enables us to produce endless variations of materials with unique, unprecedented versatility. We have designed and synthesized over 600 types of original proteins, carefully analyzing their material properties to accumulate a massive amount of data. In the near future, proteins will be widely used as a basic industrial material, just as metals, glass, and plastics are used today. We have the vision, the drive and the determination to lead this revolution—and our partners are committed to the cause.